About us

My name is Karin, I’m Swedish and I bought Art & Breakfast in 2014. For a number of years I have had a dream of moving to Italy. With my background in the hospitality industry it was natural for me to combine my dream with my experience. The first time I arrived in Ripabottoni and Art & Breakfast
I experienced a strong feeling of “coming home”.  I wish that you, as my guest, will feel the same.

The old stone house dates back to 1760 and was the birthplace of Pietro Ramaglia in 1802. He became the director of the medical university in Naples and was the personal physician of King Ferdinand the second of Bourbon.

At one time it is also believed that the house was run as a Guesthouse, welcoming guests and travelers from around the area.

Today we welcome guests from around the world and help them explore the region and what it has to offer. Beautiful nature, good food and wine, archeological sites and traditional festivals and music. This is what we call “The art of living in Ripabottoni”.