The Adriatic Coast

Historically a fishing port, today Termoli is the largest and most important seaside resort destination in Molise. The historic old town, called “Borgo Vecchio”, situated up on a rocky promontory has been well restored. The newer part of town is located along the coastline and considered the resort area. Termoli’s resorts are renowned for the quality of its beaches and its sparkling waters. Termoli can be reached by car in about 40 minutes from Ripabottoni.

From Termoli you can take a ferry to the Tremiti Islands, a small group of beautiful islands presenting incredible natural beauty, significant history, and a laid-back vacation atmosphere. No one is here to parade his or her designer beachwear, and most of your time will be spent bobbing in rented gommoni (small boats), picnicking in rocky coves, and swimming in bright turquoise waters.

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